What they say about us. Τι λένε για εμάς

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Βιβλίο: What they say about us. Τι λένε για εμάς
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Loisa Ranunkel

Loisa RanunkelI want to thank and congratulate the site learn-era.gr for the excellent way in which it has prepared me for taking the C level certificate examinations.

I am French, and i had to understand the Greek system. Mr Palilis had helped me not only with the quizes, dictionaries and the excellent theory but he had also give me helpful advises and explanations, which were the key to successfully pass the exams.

I would say that learn-era.gr is the best school i could find and i think that is a 100% guarantee for success.

Φώτης Παυλόπουλος

Φώτης ΠαυλόπουλοςThe Bank's of Greece examinations for certification D is comprised from a very difficult financial theory.
Learn-era gave me important help and theoretical knowledge that helped me not only to pass the exams but also in my professional activities. This theoretical knowledge wasn't included in the Bank of Greece material.
I strongly recommend it !
Fotis Pavlopoulos

Άννα Παπαθανάση

Άννα ΠαπαθανάσηI have to admit that your system is amazing, the e-learning experience is very easy for someone to use it! I believe that is very important that the dictionary is there for you anytime you need. When I got the material and the laws that i had to look up the certificate I, I despaired.

THANK YOU, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have the confidence for the exams and neither the positive result. I believe that trying the quizzes
many times had brought this outcome.

Anna Papathanash

Χρήστος Θανασέλος

Χρήστος ΘανασέλοςΧρήστος ΘανασέλοςMy son and I found about the site Learn-era.gr, while searching for model schools exam's preparation.
According to both mine and my son's opinion, we could not have found anything better in Greece. Learn-era.gr is an updated and modern site which together with a pedagogical, with capital P that we believe Mr Palilis is, is a guarantee for a succes learning.

My son's trust was so great that when he needed additional help in A grade high school mathematics he expressed his desire to work again with Learn-era.gr and Mr Palilis, which is what he currently do.

Congratulations and a big 'Bravo' to everyone who have contributed to this effort.

Christos Thanaselos

Ευφροσύνη Σκορδιώτη

Ευφροσύνη ΣκορδιώτηWhat i have to say for my mentor Mr Palilis is that not only he knows things in depth as a scientist but he is also a great human.

In general, communication via computer may  have some negative things since you can not have personal contact and perhaps you may not always understand what someone means etc. But with Mr Palilis none of the above was a problem. Instead,  it was always there throughout the course, and always willing, kind and supportive.

Euphrosyne Skordioti